Why you should or should not own the HTC One (E8) (video)

If you are thinking of getting the HTC One (E8) and not sure if it is as good as the HTC One (M8), you need not worry too much. Not unless you wanted a very good camera. One has 13 MPX (E8) and the other has just 4 MPX (M8). So, which one is better? And what other things must you “sacrifice” in the HTC One (E8)?


Thanks to Pocketnow’s review, I am sure many people will have a better idea which phone is “better” for them. Do note that your “better” might not be the “best” for another person.

In my opinion, I have only one choice. That is the HTC One (M8). Why? Check out the video.

BTW, in terms of price, HTC One (E8) is lower as compared to HTC One (M8). And with E8, you have more vibrant colors. If that is what you wanted, go for it. The HTC One (E8) is available now in Singapore. Check out the Press Release.


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