Score Calculator and all you need to know about the new IPPT

If you don’t know what is IPPT, this blog post is not for you. If you know IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) but you don’t know a damn thing about the new IPPT standard that is to be implemented on 1st September, bookmark this blog post. If you have already MR (MINDEF Reserve), congrats!!


If you look at the above infographic, would you know how you to get a Pass, Silver or Gold? I wouldn’t because it is very different from the IPPT that we know.

What you should know

First of all, MINDEF had removed 3 stations from the current IPPT.

They are (to remove):

  • Pull up
  • Shuttle run
  • Standing Broad Jump

But they have added in 1 new station.

  • Push ups

So, from 1st September, you will need to perform

  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • 2.4 km run


Clear so far? Now, how about the scoring? MINDEF has paragraphs after paragraphs to explain the scoring. If you want a quick answer, use the  IPPT Score Calculator to calculate your score.

Click Here to the new IPPT Score Calculator

Actually the calculator is by John Luo on Github. I will not want to copy the code here. You can click on the picture below to go to the calculator.


But if you are the curious type, here are the resources you can use to understand how the calculation is derived.

Click Here to read the Official Information on the new IPPT from MINDEF

And if you need to really see how to calculate your scores, here are the Tables

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Push Up Scoring Table


Sit Up Scoring Table


2.4km Run Scoring Table

Have fun! I having already MR 🙂