Infographic: Why shopping online with mobile devices in Singapore is normal

In Singapore, the penetration rate of mobile devices is more than 100%. Day in day out, you can see people sticking their faces to these devices (including myself).

One of Singapore’s passion is shopping. Hands up if you love shopping. And nowadays, it is so convenient that you don’t even need to get out of the house to buy your things. You are not alone if you think that you prefer shopping online than going to a physical shop

Here is an infographic (based on a survey by BuzzCity, commissioned by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)) that Singapore retailers or retailers targeting Singapore must really take a look at.

It shows that 1 in 3 person in Singapore prefers to shop online with their mobile devices. And many of the people in Singapore will actually check the product online before visiting the stores. So, online presence is NOT enough. Online shopping should be the way to go.



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