Circle of Fifths is the new 2048 game in Music Notes

If you are sick of playing the addictive 2048 game, here is something refreshing. It is not a clone, or you can say it is a clever clone, that uses musical notes instead of numbers. For example, in 2048, you combine 2 same number to build a bigger number. In Circle of Fifths, you combine two harmonious note together to form another note.


I have no music background. Had a hard time to really understand. But if you have learn a musical instrument “properly”, you might already know Circle of Fifths.


If you are unsure, here is how you can learn about the Circle of Fifths.

Click Here to Learn Circle of Fifths

Kudos to Caleb Hugo who came up with this game. The Android version is ready for download (FREE). However, if you want an iOS version, you will need to support the Kickstarter project.

Or you can go ahead and play the game online.

Click Here to Play Circle of Fifths online

Enjoy the game and learn a few things about music notes. 🙂