Something interesting is happening on 22nd July with Xiaomi

Xiaomi might be launching new products on the 22nd July 2014 in Beijing in their annual product launch. My best bet is it will be Xiaomi Mi4. According to the wording on the picture, it mentions “An artistic journey of a piece of metal” with a big 4 on it.


There is no other information. Of course, rumors are pointing towards the launch of  Xiaomi Mi4 that supposedly will support LTE. If that is true and with a metal frame body (unibody?), the price might just be higher that the current Mi3.

Here is a leaked picture of the rumored Mi4


It has a thin bezel and looks like a 5-inch screen. I am keeping my hope high. Not sure if they will launch the much rumored Mi3s or not or they will skip that version and just launch Mi4. Nevertheless, do note that usually when a new product is launched, it will only be in China and it might take a while for it to reach Singapore.

If it is an unibody metal chassis, it will be in direct competition with HTC. If that is the case, pricing (lower price) of the device will have a big impact on HTC. Truthfully, many of us in Singapore are putting Xiaomi aside as it does not support LTE yet.

Please wait for the official announcement on the 22nd July 2014.

Click Here to see Lin Bin’s Facebook post on this

BTW, his name should be Lin Bin, right? Or is it Bin Lin. Why they follow the First Name, Last Name format??

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