Google fight back Apple with slide comparing iOS 8 with Android that is 4 years ago

Somebody is going to get hurt on both sides (Android and Apple fans). At Google I/O, Sundar Pichai put up a slide comparing iOS with Android in terms of features. It shows that iOS 8 is actually similar to Android 1.5 that was way back in 2009.


If you follow the bickering between Google and Apple, you will know that Apple started first during their WWDC 2014. Tim Cook actually quoted someone from ZDNet that Android is very fragmented and is turning devices into “a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities.” This is what I think started this “war”.


On the fragmentation part on Android, I do agree but definitely I don’t agree that iOS is 100% great either. You see, Apple has done a good job controlling the eco-structure and the way it handles the software. However, it has only one hardware supplier (Apple itself) on the handset. I am sure it will be easy to control.

Look at Google, its Android handsets are all over the places from 1st World to 3rd World, and with so many suppliers churning out new Android handsets of different shape and sizes and specifications, I will be surprised if it is not fragmented.

End of the day, it boils down to how you use your phone and which is most comfortable to you although fan boys and girls might have different reasons. The fact that they are fighting each other means that consumers will be getting better products every time.