You can buy this Scribble Pen and Stylus with 100,000 colors

If you think your multi-color pen has not enough colors for your creative needs, check out Scribble Pen. It can mix up to 100,000 colors and whatever color you pick (using the pen) from any object. This is not a dream, but an upcoming Kickstarter project.

ink in the box

It has a built in processor, Bluetooth  and ink cartridges that, in my opinion, work like a ink-jet printer to produce the color. That is not all. You can use the color picker function to produce the color of any real life object. No more guessing or mixing.


Of course, some people might not even need a real pen. They have thought of it too. Meet Scribble Stylus. It has all the functionality of the Scribble Pen except that part to produce the ink. Now, you can scribble to your heart’s content on your tablet, smartphone.


For those who are intrigued and wanted to know the specifications, here they are:


I like Scribble Pen but I think it will be a problem to buy the refill. Anyway, they have NOT started their Kickstarter project yet. If you are really interested, you can drop your email on their website to get notified once the project is “live”.

Click Here to Scribble Website

PS: The retail price for the Scribble Stylus is USD149.95 and for the Scribble Pen is USD79.95. There will be 20% if you fund their Kickstarter project.

PPS: Here is the packaging for the Scribble Stylus

stylus in the box