Samsung Accessories for Smart TV is like mod kit for cars

A TV is a TV, nothing else, right? Samsung wants you to think again. With the accessories that Samsung is offering, your Samsung Smart TV will be transformed to a workstation (IMO). And the good news is that they are already available.

Even your TV wall mount gets an upgrade. And with the new video TV, you can start making Skype calls to your friends, family members at the comfort of your sofa.

Here is the Press Release

Press Release

Samsung launches new Accessories to Complement Smart TV Line-up

Singapore – June 5, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Singapore today unveiled a collection of Smart TV Accessories for its latest line-up of Smart TVs, including the Samsung evolution kits that let consumers’ Smart TVs stay relevant and up-to-date, a video camera that allows Skype™-to-Skype™ video calls in FULL HD (1080p) from the comfort of consumers’ home, and a specially designed mini wall mount that enables easy installation and maximises the viewing experience.

Samsung UHD Evolution Kit SEK-2500U/XS and Samsung FHD Evolution Kit SEK-2000/XS


The UHD Evolution Kit upgrades your 2013 Samsung UHD TV to give you amazing UHD viewing and compatibility with a range of UHD standards, including HDMI 2.0, (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) HDCP 2.2 and the (High Efficiency Video Coding) HEVC codec. Prepare yourself for tomorrow’s UHD connectivity with One Connect, which allows you to use all the connections you need including MHL 3.0 (Mobile High-definition Link), so you can stay up-to-date without having to buy another TV. The FHD Evolution Kit upgrades your 2013 Smart FHD TV.

Both Evolution Kits offer the newest Smart technology, so it’s easier to find information and entertainment. Just speak into the Samsung Smart Control to perform a quick keyword search for details on weather, sports and music. When used together with the new 2014 TV Camera (VG-STC4000*), operating the Smart TV becomes quicker and more natural than before with a range of finger gestures^. The Evolution Kits also enhance the TV performance with the new Quad Core Plus processor, allowing faster speeds and more advanced multi-tasking.

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Samsung Smart TV models that are compatible with the SEK-2500U/XS include:

  • Series 9 F9000 and S9 UHD TV

Samsung Smart TV models that are compatible with the SEK-2000/XS include:

  • Series 7 F7500 LED TV
  • Series 8 F8500 and F8000 LED TV

The Samsung UHD Evolution Kit SEK-2500U/XS is now available $699 and the Samsung FHD Evolution Kit SEK-2000/XS is now available at $399.

* sold separately
^ applicable to selected ‘H’ series models

Samsung Video TV VG-STC4000


The dual hinge Samsung Video TV VG-STC4000 lets users make the most of their TVs by allowing them to create smooth and sleek video calls from the comfort of the sofa.

Compatible with most 2013 and 2014 Samsung Smart TVs, the VG-STC4000 enables users to stay close to their  family and friends by making Skype video calls on their Samsung Smart TV with basic Smart Interaction functions such as one-finger* or one-hand gesture control for screen navigation and volume or channel adjustment.

Samsung Smart TV models that are compatible with the Samsung Video Camera VG-STC4000 include:

2013 TV line-up

  • Series 4 F4500 LED TV
  • Series 5 F5500 LED TV
  • Series 6 F6300 / F6400 / F6700 / F6800 LED TV

2014 TV line-up


  • Series 4 H4500 LED TV
  • Series 5 H5500 LED TV
  • Series 6 H6300 and H6400 LED TV
  • Series 7 H7000 LED TV
  • Series 8 H8000 LED TV


  • Series 7 HU7000 UHD TV
  • Series 8 HU8500 UHD TV

The Samsung Video TV VG-STC4000 is now available at $149.

*applicable to selected ‘H’ series models

Samsung Mini Wall Mount WMN450M


Mounting Samsung TVs on the wall is now easier and takes lesser time. Featuring a modern design, Samsung’s chic and stylish Mini Wall Mount WMN450M keeps the TV wall mount out of sight, ensuring that the viewing experience is unhampered.

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The WMN450M has a maximum loading weight of 200kg, which means that it can easily support Samsung’s larger sized TVs from 2013 and 2014. Now, hanging a Samsung TV on the wall is as enjoyable as placing a piece of art. Users can now spend time enjoying their TV rather than putting it up.

The WMN450M can be set at either 20mm or 40mm from the wall to cater to 32” to 65” screen size Samsung TVs, and still leave enough room for cables to access the back of the TV. Connecting an extra cable, even a thicker cable, is not a problem.

The Samsung Mini Wall Mount WMN450M is now available now at $129.

Samsung CY-SHC3020D/ZK Ultra Slim High-Speed HDMI Cable


Enjoy crystal-clear picture and sound with the Samsung CY-SHC3020D/ZK Ultra Slim High-Speed HDMI Cable’s enhanced signal transmission. The HDMI cable reduces signal error and loss, thanks to a short strip length for lower impedance, a 24K gold terminal, and plug for quality connectivity.

This cable has a strong noise immunity achieved through seamless plug, a metal can shield, a triple layer shield, and a higher density copper braid shielding. It also has an improved industry standard test pattern, which delivers lower bit error and a higher standard of image quality, and lower impedance through a reduced range of impedance flatness.

The user-friendly premium HDMI designed with swivel connectors makes the SHC3020D simple to connect. It also drastically reduces the space required between the back of your TV and the wall.

The Samsung CY-SHC3020D/ZK Ultra Slim High-Speed HDMI Cable is now available at $99.

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Samsung’s new Accessories to Complement Smart TV Line-up are available at the following consumer electronics stores:



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