You will never realize that this lady dancing sexily is a robot (video)

Who is this? A woman dancing in front of the mirror with a pipe sticking out from the stomach. Look closer. Yes, much closer and you will realize it is not human and yet the most human-like movement from a non-living thing ever (my opinion). You need to see it in action to believe it.


Check out the fingers. They are moving so fluidly. This animatronic figure is actually an art installation at David Zwirner Gallery in New York by Jordan Wolfson (I think the event is over). It even has facial recognition that will follow visitors at the exhibition. Check out the video.

Now, after watching the video, I think the future might be scarier than we thought. We might not be able to distinguish between human and robot in the near future.

Thankfully, this is an art installation and I presumed that the movements are programmed to make it as fluidly as possible. Inventors/designers/scientists should take a good look and understand that robot can be beautiful (in the movement) too.