Mom, Wife, Nurse, Girl with Light Saber at Stuff Cover Girl Event

Last week, the winner for Stuff Cover Girl Search 2014 was finally unveiled at an event at BIANCA SUPPER CLUB at Clarke Quay. Thanks to Stuff, I was invited to witness that moment.


As you may know, this event is opened for voters and public who wanted to go (by requesting invites via Facebook). The venue can accommodate up to 400 people (I think).

I was there early and therefore I can see how Stuff people were running about making sure that every details were not missed. Even the direction of the banners were carefully planned.

Did you vote for the girls?

Actually I am surprised to know that apart from loving gadgets, these girls are actually young mother, wife, trauma nurse, personal trainer and more. Throughout the contest months, they blogged about gadgets, talked about them. I am sure they love it. If not, they will not even join, right?

BTW, note to self. Next time, if I were to attend such event with challenging lighting, I will need my DSLR and my big flash. My Micro Four Thirds is not making my life easier. You can see from my pictures (noise, color balance and etc).

Now, back to the event. Lets take a look at the prizes that voters can win.


Here are the girls waiting for the event to start.


And here are the judges for the night (Their scores will be part of the overall score from the voting).

Here is Fay Hokulani and another judge (sorry, I don’t know her name).


And the three gentlemen: From Left: Seow Tein Hee (Stuff), Mister Young (Power 98FM), Melvin Tang (Stuff)

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And finally, the contestants

Audrey and Dora


Jasmine and Jessica


Limaran and Lynn


Mara and Michelle




Here is Audrey and Dora showing off their Stuff Covercontestant-05

The Cover Girls with their own Stuff Cover. If they win, their cover will be used on the next issue.


And due to budget they have to get their sales manager Charlie Moss on stage to entertain us (Joking only ar.. you know that it is not true).. Very talented.


The Sponsors


And the announcement. Yes, Dora has won the Stuff Cover Girl Contest! Congrats!


Dora with sponsors.



All the girls united on stage.


Dora is thanking her supporters/friends



BTW, you should know what Dora will be holding on the next issue of Stuff


That is it. Thank you Stuff for the invite.