Infographic: Rising Metro, reason why I give up Windows Phone

When I looked at this Infographic, I can vividly remember how I support the Windows Phone platform wholeheartedly (from Windows Mobile 6.0), getting disappointed with it, provide another chance to test out and again, become disappointed again and again.

That is how I felt about Windows Phone now, for its poor eco-structure (apps) support (not the OS – I think the OS is fine). After so many years, the apps gap seems bigger and will need great effort to patch up these gaps with Android or iOS.

The title of this blog title is meant to be sarcastic. The actual information on the infographic is supposedly to show the progress of Windows Phone over the years.

When you look at the infographic and think of the emerging markets, it makes a lot of sense. Over the years, Microsoft has managed to convince the emerging markets to adopt to Windows Phone. It has a stable OS, many phone options and cheaper price point. These are the biggest reasons to entice someone to use the Windows Phone.

Check out the Infographic below.