Watch this if you think the Moon Landing is fake (video)

If you are unsure or skeptical that 3 men walked on the Moon in 1969, this is a video you should not miss. It analyzes the reason the video is NOT a hoax but whether the men had landed on the moon, it is still subjective.


The video stated the fact that most people failed to see. It (the camera magic) could not be done at that time. The technology is not there at that time. BTW, it is funny to think that we could put men on the Moon but we could not improve the filming technology at that time.

The video actually clears up a lot of misconceptions of the conspiracy theory that the whole moon walking thingy was filmed in a studio. For your information, this guy, Collins, claims that he has been shooting in the studio for the past 30 years and he knows how fake or real a film or picture is.

Do you agree with him?


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