Cat owners will want to get their hands on Kittyo immediately (video)

I think Kittyo is the dream comes true for cat owners. It is a device that lets you play with them (via laser pointer), dispenses treat for them and also records all those precious moment remotely. Yes, remotely even when you are thousands of miles away.


Imagine you are miles away from your cat(s). With Kittyo, you will just need to fire up the app (iOS and Android) and have fun with them. All you have to do is to place the Kittyo strategically and download the app to control it. Of course, you have to fill up the treat on the carousel first.


Here is the carousel for their treats.


I cannot imagine any cat owners who will not like this idea.

The Kittyo project is currently on Kickstarter. If you hurry up, you can still grab it for November shipment at USD119 (the early bird USD99 is already gone).

Click Here to Kittyo at Kickstarter

PS: Please be realistic about the timeline on Kickstarter’s project. So far, most of them did not deliver on time (at least for my experiences). However, you get to buy them at special price 🙂