7.9-inch Xiaomi Mi Pad the Apple iPad mini Competitor (video)

If you are thinking of getting an affordable 8-inch tablet, you got to check out Xiaomi’s latest 7.9-inch Mi Pad. With the specs and pricing, it is going to blow the competition, specifically Apple iPad mini, away.


Look at the exterior. Does it remind you of the Apple iPad mini? In fact, they are not shy to compare Mi Pad with iPad mini. In their website (in Chinese), it is comparing it with iPad mini (in some areas). And if you compare the technical specs, the Mi Pad is definitely the winner.

Here is the introduction video.

What makes the biggest differences is the pricing. For a 16GB Mi Pad, it will retail at RMB1,499 (approx. S$301) and RMB1,699 (approx. S$341) for the 64GB version. That is very affordable if you have seen the specs.


Specs (in Chinese):

  • 屏幕材质IPS全贴合超清视网膜屏
  • 屏幕尺寸7.9 英寸 (对角线)屏幕
  • 分辨率2048 x 1536 像素分辨率,326 ppi
  • CPU型号NVIDIA Tegra K1 四核2.2GHz ARM Cortex-A15 处理器
  • GPU型号192 颗 NVIDIA CUDA® 核心的 NVIDIA Kepler™架构 GPU
  • 内存2GB LPDDR3
  • 高速闪存可选16GB与64GB。支持Micro SD(TF)卡扩展存储,最高支持128GB扩展存储。
  • WLANac双频 2X2双天线,支持802.11/b/g/n/ac协议
  • 数据Bluetooth 4.0    WiFi Direct
  • 后置相机索尼背照式800万像素相机
  • 前置相机500万像素
  • 光圈F2.0
  • 视频拍摄支持1080p (1920×1080)高清摄像
  • 容量6700mAh 锂离子聚合物
  • 陀螺仪支持
  • 光线感应器支持
  • 距离感应支持
  • 电子罗盘支持
  • 音乐播放支持mp3、aac、aac+、eaac+、amr、wb-amr、midi、ogg等格式
  • 视频播放支持1080p (1920×1080,30帧/秒)视频播放
  •  支持mpeg4、h.263、h.264
  • 图片播放支持JPEG、PNG、GIF、BMP等格式
  • Flash播放支持

Click Here to Check Out Xiaomi Mi Pad

It will be running on MIUI based on Android. It is expected to be available in China next month. No information about Global or Singapore release. Check out this table made by Straits TImes on the Mi Pad and Apple iPad mini comparison. I find that the Mi Pad is value for money, just not sure about the user experiences.

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The only let down (at least for me) is that it does not have LTE version. I am sure many in Singapore will want a LTE version for their daily commute. Will you buy the Xiaomi Mi Pad when it is available here?