Grab Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10,400mAh at only S$13.99

As part of Xiaomi’s Mother’s Day celebration, it is offering discounts to some of the products. They are Xiaomi Mi 3, Redmi and Mi Power Bank 10,400mAh. Except for Mi 3, the rest are of limited quantity. The sales is happening today at 12pm sharp. I predict it will sell out within 10 minutes max.


Looking at the three products, I think the Mi Power Bank 10400mAh is the most interesting for its price. At just S$13.99, it is a steal. Since when and where can you find a power bank with such specs and pricing?


  • Model: NDY-02-AD
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable cell
  • Power source: DC 5V
  • Input voltage: DC 5.1V
  • Input current: 2.0A(TYP)
  • Output current: 2.1A(TYP)
  • Rated capacity: 3.6V/10400mAh(TYP)
  • Charging time: 5.5 hrs with 5V/2A plug and standard cable,  12 hrs with 5V/1A plug and standard cable
  • Size: 90.5*77*21.6mm
  • Load detection: Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices
  • Safety: Input OVP, OCP; Output OCP OVP, short protection;  cell protection including OVP OCP, thermal protection during charge and discharge stage
  • Out of power protection: Awake once pluged to the charger
  • Charging temperature: 0℃-45℃ (TYP)
  • Discharging temperature: Initial -10℃~+50℃(TYP),  Continuous -20℃~+60℃(TYP)
  • Weight: 250g

Are you impressed? I wonder what is their profit margin, or how much the rest of the competitors are charging us with such specs? BTW, as the item is less than S$50, there will be a S$5 shipping charge. And I believe the quantity of the Power Bank is limited to 2 per person. Good luck!