What happens when you lag in the real world? (video)

Ok, you can’t “lag” in real life (some may argue over this). People don’t use the word in this way. Some people may be called “slow” if they miss a beat or two. What if you don’t just miss a beat but one third of a second or even a few seconds. Imagine that you always see things a little later than others.


You will look like a clown. To prove the point, the video shows people who are strapped to an Oculus Rift performing simple task like pouring milk, playing a game of Ping Pong and etc. What seems to be simple task becomes tedious (or funny in this case) because of the lag. Check out the video

So, what is the point about this experiment? Actually, this is an experiment from a fiber broadband provider. They got 4 volunteers to experience lag in real life to prove that if we cannot accept lag in real life, we also cannot accept lag on the Internet.

Are you sold?


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