Marketers, GetRresponse is offline due to DDOS attack

This might be the worst news for Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, Email Marketers and etc who use Getresponse to distribute newsletter or introduce new products. As you might or might not already know, GetResponse is currently offline due to a major DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.


The lucky thing is that our data (yes, I am using GetResponse too) are intact and GetResponse is taking steps to thwart (hopefully) such attack in future. Now, I am beginning to worry abut the subscriber list, won’t you?

Here is the entire message on GetResponse as how this writing.

Dear GetResponse Customer,

As you may know, GetResponse is currently suffering from a major outage caused by a large DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack that has flooded our network and our datacenter with malicious traffic. As a result, our network is currently offline.

We are currently working around the clock with our datacenter, Windstream, and two of our DDoS mitigation service providers (CloudFlare and Akamai/Prolexic) to mitigate this attack and implement a permanent solution to fix this problem.

While we have had strong DDoS mitigation in place (which has thwarted several previous DDoS attacks), this weekend’s attacks have been unprecedented in scale and volume. We have decided to engage the most advanced and most powerful anti-DDoS scrubbing products available on the market today (with bandwidth capacity exceeding 1.8 Tbps), and we are currently making infrastructural changes to get it done.

Over the last two months this attacker (or a group of attackers) has targeted many other large Internet companies, including Meetup, Shutterstock, MailChimp, Fotolia, Basecamp, oDesk, SurveyGizmo, MadMimi, OkCupid, HootSite, Typepad, Elance, Aweber and others. It is unfortunate, but these types of attacks are becoming much more frequent in today’s environment.

I want to reassure you that none of your data was lost, corrupted nor compromised. Your account is offline, but, is absolutely 100% intact. You will be able to access all of your data immediately after we come back up. I realize that all of the above is of little comfort, as *you* are our customer and you are currently having trouble accessing your GetResponse account, unable to send your newsletters.

I want you to know that I am extremely sorry at the turn of events, and again — we are on this 24/7 until we get back up and running. I thank you for your trust, your support and your loyalty during these difficult moments.

You can check current updates on our Facebook and on our status page.


Simon Grabowski

Click Here to GetResponse Facebook page for latest update

(or just to see how people are slamming them left, right, up and down)

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