StarHub is the first Telco to offer TriSIM

StarHub today announces the TriSIM. StarHub is the first to offer this SIM card that comes in three different sizes – Standard SIM, MicroSIM and NanoSIM. The conversion is reversible. Customers can convert the nanoSIM to microSIM or Standard SIM (and vice versa) anytime.


Nowadays, phones come with different SIM card size. Some in Nano, some in Micro. Sometimes, it is hard to predict which one to get and often you might end up using SIM card adapter. I think people like me will appreciate the TriSIM.

Here is the official statement from StarHub:

A SIM card comes in three different sizes – Standard SIM, MicroSIM and NanoSIM. Consumers have to choose from one of the three form factors depending on their mobile device. This could be a hassle for some customers who regularly switch between devices that operate on different types of SIM cards.

StarHub is therefore happy to unveil Singapore’s first universal TriSIM card, bundling all three form factors in a compact package at no extra cost to consumers. StarHub’s TriSIM card eliminates the need for individual MicroSIM and NanoSIM card adapters.

StarHub has begun stocking up on TriSIM across its retail outlets. Customers who sign up for a StarHub Mobile plan can get the new universal SIM card at $37.45, while existing subscribers can replace their current SIM card for $26.75. The universal SIM card is also available for mobile pre-paid customers at StarHub Shops and selected 7-Eleven stores.

Kudos for them to come up with such simple yet necessary arrangement for the customers.

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