Increase Reading Speed to 600wpm with Spritz

Finally, you can increase your reading speed to 600 wpm (words per minute) easily with the technology from Spritz. I can now imagine people reading story books from their smart gadgets with tiny screens.


The idea sounds so simple. Instead of tracking the words as you read line to line, the technology automatically highlight one character in the word and show it on screen, one at a time with the highlighted character always aligned to the previous one.

Now, try to read the message at 250wpm.


I extract one paragraph on Spritz website about their technology.

Spritz Technology

Spritzing presents reading content with the ORP located at the specific place where you’re already looking, allowing you to read without having to move your eyes. With this approach, reading becomes more efficient because Spritzing increases the time your brain spends processing content without having to waste time searching for the next word’s ORP. Spritzing also enhances reading on small screens. Because the human eye can focus on about 13 characters at a time, Spritzing requires only 13 characters’ worth of space inside our redicle. No other reading method is designed to help you read all of your content when you’re away from a large screen. But don’t take our word. The following video compares traditional reading to Spritz and is a real eye-opener when it comes to the efficiencies that are gained by placing words exactly where your brain wants them to be located.

BTW, ORP is Optimal Recognition Point. Ready for the next challenge (350wpm)?


Here is another one at 500wpm.

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You see, you are now an expert at reading 500 wpm 🙂 . If you cannot, I suggest you relax yourself and focus on the highlighted character. You should be able to identify the words easily.

I can see this technology applicable to wearable gadgets. In fact, there are so much potential on it. This is one of the most interesting news on Technology that I have read for a long time.

Click Here to Check Out Spritz Website

I suggest you go to their “The Science” tab for more information on how it compares itself with traditional reading. For your information, you might be seeing Spritz in Samsung wearable products (i.e.  Gear 2 and etc).