Xiaomi 2nd batch of Redmi sold out in 6 minutes in Singapore

Believe it or not, the second batch of Xiaomi Redmi was sold out in just 6 minutes. I was looking at the screen just after 12noon and it was showing “Sold Out”. Some are saying that it sold out in 2 minutes. However, based on Xiaomi’s official statement, it is 6 minutes.

Multiple color front

Here is the statement from Xiaomi,
Dear Mi fans, we’re sold out for #Redmi in 6 minutes today! We’ll announce our next round of sales shortly. For those who have successfully placed an order, please complete your payments within 24 hours.

I think Xiaomi’s strategy of supplying limited quantity to the consumers is good for them. In Singapore, we like to see or collect limited edition. Now, Redmi seems to fit very well in this category.

Don’t fret if you did not get one today. I am sure Xiaomi will be doing more such sales until the novelty wears out. In the meanwhile, you can visit the Singapore IT Show 2014 to have a look at Redmi from StarHub booth.

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