Facebook release Facebook Look Back Video Edit Feature

Note: Reported that after editing (choosing the photographs), video “disappear”. I suspect that it might be queued again for video rendering. So, do it at your own “risk” 🙂

In the span of two days, Facebook Look Back video is all over the Facebook Timeline. As I mentioned yesterday, Facebook might release an update which allows you to edit the video. True enough, I found my EDIT button today.


As you can see from the image above, it has two buttons, one is “UPDATE” and the other is “EDIT”. If you have not shared the video, the “UPDATE” button will be the “SHARE” button.

As for the “EDIT” button, once you press it, you can change a couple of things on your Facebook Look Back video. It is by no means a video editing. Instead, you get to choose the pictures, which I think it is good enough.


A couple of things are fixed.

  • Your First Moments: 3 possible photos for this category
  • Your Most Liked Posts: 4 possible photos for this category
  • Uploaded Photos: 9 possible photos for this category
  • Photo Grids: 38 possible photos for this category

Not sure how Facebook selected the pictures (for you to select). Must be some kind of algorithm. In anyway, enjoy your enhanced Facebook Look Back video.

If you want to download it, follow the link below.