Twitter bug allows you unlimited followers

Update on 27th Jan 10:40 SGT: Seems that my follower count drops lower than the original. FYI

For those who wish to have lot of Twitter followers as a sign of status in your social network, there is a “free” way to do it right now. Seems like there is a bug on Twitter that lets you have more followers just by hitting one simple button. Here is a proof of what it can do.


Here is how it works. Sign in to a second Twitter account. Go to the Twitter handler (e.g.[handler name]) that you wanted more followers. Hit the follow button. Watch the magic happens when you follow/unfollow (just by hitting the same follow button) the Twitter handler many many times.

Not sure what is the internal mechanism that caused the inflation. I have to try it because the news has been around for many hours and Twitter might have plugged it (obviously not yet in my case). I am not sure if this follower number will last or not.

For those who love the cheap thrill, you can try it.


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