Gmail down across the world, followed by glitching various emails

Following the services outage on Google services in the past hour or two, apparently a Gmail glitch is causing some unlucky guy’s hotmail inbox ( to be unwittingly flooded by thousands of users who clicked the link.


I went to have a check for myself and the glitch still exists at the time of writing, except that it’s not going to, but redirected to some other obscure email account as shown above.  The link, if clicked, will open a new email window that’s directed to the email as linked (in this case,, causing unknowing users to send empty mails to the email inbox.


Seems like Google decides to just pull the plug on the glitch by altering the way they display their search results (as you can see from the screeshot, the same search query displays differently – I just refreshed the page). I’m guessing they needed a little more time to fix the error and take down the erroneous link for now, saving some poor soul’s inbox.



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