ColorSync is the new way to render QR Code or paper tickets obsolete (Video)

Forget about paper tickets or even QR Codes when you go for movies or events. Peatix has come up with a much easier solution that lets you enter the theaters or events in seconds.


With ColorSync, you just need to flash your mobile devices and if it synchronize with the event organizers’ color, you are good to go. It is that simple. Here is a video showing you how it works.

For attendees, it will be a breeze to enter the event/club/theater with your smart devices. For organizers, you will save yourselves a lot of trouble from scanning the thousands of QR Code or verifying the tickets.

BTW, is a global event ticketing platform with offices in Tokyo, Singapore, and NYC. Go check out their website for more details (including the pricing for people wanting to use the system for their events).

Click Here to Peatix ColorSync Website

And here is the Press Release.

Press Release

QR Codes and Paper Tickets Rendered Obsolete with Release of ColorSync


Singapore — December 20, 2013 — Peatix, the mobile-centric ticketing platform, is pleased to announce ColorSync, an innovative new mobile check-in system for events. ColorSync’s technology removes the need for scanning QR codes or tearing tickets at the door, often a pain point for organizers, bouncers, and attendees alike.

Built on Peatix’s robust event management platform, ColorSync’s imaginative patent pending technology provides organizers and bouncers, who usually check people in one-by-one at the door, with an accurate and secure way to check in large crowds effortlessly.

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“We’ve helped out with check-ins for many events, and have become experts in checking in tens of thousands of QR code tickets at a time. It’s an acquired skill; varying conditions with light, and different devices make the operation very difficult at times,” said Taku Harada, co-founder and CEO of Peatix. “We realized that a method that relies on an acquired skill just doesn’t cut it. With ColorSync, anybody can intuitively check in hundreds of attendees in a matter of minutes with no training at all.”

ColorSync will be available to select Peatix users in early 2014. Learn more and sign up for early access at


Peatix is a global event ticketing platform that provides event organizers with powerful tools to create, promote, manage and sell out events of all sizes. Since its inception in May 2011, Peatix has hosted over 15,000 events across Japan, Singapore, and the United States. With the lowest ticket fees available and fully customizable event pages, Peatix is truly an event organizer’s dream.

The company’s investors include 500 Startups, Fidelity Growth Partners Japan, Digital Garage, Draper Nexus Ventures, Itochu Technology Ventures, Sunbridge Partners, and ZenShin Capital.