Misfit Shine Android app is out, download it now

Finally, Misfit has deliver the Misfit Shine Android app ahead of their committed schedule. During the Misfit Shine event in Singapore, we were told that the Android version of the app will be out early next year.


So far, syncing the app with Shine Activity Tracker is ok. The only problem I faced is that the time is not synchronized to the clock on my HTC One. I hope this small issue can be resolved soon.

Click Here to Download the Misfit Shine Android App

  • My Shine: Create a goal and Shine will give you credit for running, cycling, swimming and more
  • Activity Progress: Check your activity progress and see stats like steps, calories and distance
  • Sleep: Find out how much sleep you’re getting, including deep sleep.

Supported Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note III, Google Nexus 4/5, HTC One and other Android device running OS 4.3 (Jelly Bean) with BLE enabled.

Do take note of the “Supported Devices” and do note that the recent “improvement” on the iOS app is not available as of this writing.

  • Leaderboard: Add friends to see how active they are and compete for 1st place
  • World Feed: Share your milestones and achievements with the Shine community
  • Profile: Add your pic, find your friends, and show off your achievements