The Viral Effect – Choose #letsSTAYsg or #letsGOsg (video)

When SARS hits Singapore years ago, we were not ready.. However, it gives us a strong warning that we need to do something to protect ourselves or our homeland. Now, the question is, “Are you ready?”


In order to enhance the public awareness of such pandemics and also our social responsbilities, NSCS (National Security Coordination Secretariat) will be launching 4 videos every week from 4th November (first video is already out). The videos trace the lives of ordinary Singaporeans – a student, mother, office worker and hawker.

If you participate, you will need to make decisions on behalf of the characters and the way the story ends will depend on the votes cast at the end of each episode. At the same time, NSCS is holding a competition for the participation in this video on our Facebook page called “Become an Influenzer”.

There are iPad Minis to be won every week if you use the hashtags of #letsSTAYsg or #letsGOsg and participate actively in the discussion.

Before I go on, check out the first video.

The video is for the period of 4th to 11th of November 2013.

Click Here to Watch the Video

The contest is simple but I saw many people not doing the right thing to win the prizes, plus the instruction is very complex.

Here is what you should do.

  • Click HERE to watch the video
  • You MUST be a Singaporean
  • You MUST have a Facebook account
  • Make a comment on this post by describing your decision and MAKE SURE you put the hashtag #letsSTAYsg or #letsGOsg on your comment.
  • Share your comment or the post and also make sure you participate actively in the discussion (points will be allocated).
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Click Here for the Super Detailed Information

I really wonder who will read it. Anyway, there are iPad Minis to be won each week.