Cyber Attack: The Blackout Project

What would you do if one day, a cyber attack occurs in Singapore? Years ago, we might think that this is not possible or not important. However, with the advancement in technology, we cannot hide the fact that communications, power are very important to us. Just last week, things changes as someone challenged our government. We realized that we are vulnerable if a full scale cyber attack really occurs in Singapore.


Therefore, it is now a good time to ponder upon the severity of a cyber attack.  Early last month, there was a CyberShock exhibition at Suntec City West Atrium. It shows the importance of protecting the city’s essential services in Singapore during a cyber attack.

Following upon the topic on Cyber Attack, the same team conducted The Blackout Project. Two person, Jemma and Kah Jing was asked to refrain from using the power, Internet, Telecom services for 24-hours (thanks goodness, they were allow to use the water). Read how they flare within this 24 hours.

Click Here to Read about Jemma Experience


Click Here to Read about Kah Jing Experience

Let’s Stand Together is all about bringing people together to protect what matters to us from threats to national security. What would you do to protect the ones you love, and your way of life?

Join their conversations on Facebook, and play CyberShock to defend THE NATION against hackers attempting to take down the city’s essential services.

You can also browse through their microsite for cyber security tips, beef up your knowledge of national security, and discover why it should matter to you.

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