Android SmartWatch debuts in December 2013 (video)

Android is selling the Android SmartWatch from December 2013. BTW, Android is a company that sell watches. This time, they will be selling Android compatible smart watch (how appropriate). Not sure the pricing but it looks good.


Here is the video.

If you need more information about the watch, you can check out the function list of the watch at the link below.

Click Here for the Function List of Android SmartWatch


Check Out Android Website

Not sure if this watch will be well received. Since the start of Pebble Watch (Kickstarter‘s project), there are so many other Android watches coming out or already selling. One of them is of course, Samsung GALAXY Gear. Unfortunately, Samsung chooses to let only Samsung smartphones (some models) communicate with it.

So, I think this might be the next better looking Android Smartphone for your wrist.


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