Halloween is over but it is fun to watch those pranks again (video)

TGIF everyone. Halloween is over but that doesn’t mean we cannot relive that moment (to see people freaked out). Check out these pranks that will scare the hell out of you if you were in their situation.


Here is the video from the above pic. I can imagine how it feels if I am in that situation. Thank goodness no one has a heart attack during the prank.

Next prank is a bit high tech. The person targeted is an ordinary person in public place. What is not ordinary is that suddenly, you saw yourself being wanted by the police and your picture on the front of the newspaper and news channel. Check it out. BTW, this prank is from Nivea Deodorant (Stresstest).

This next one is from Kellogg on their Rice Krispies vending machine.

This final one is the Fright Mob on a train. I find that it is more amusing than scary.

However, I think this prank on the Kinetic Girl (for the movie Carrie) is the most elaborate and convincing.

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