Misfit Shine launch event in Singapore (video)

Thanks to the Misfit team, I was invited to the launch of Misfit Shine at the Grand Park City Hall Hotel recently. For the uninformed, Misfit Shine is a wearable activity monitor or tracker that helps you to monitor your activity via an app.


The event was graced by John Sculley, the co-founder of Misfit Wearables (ex-CEO of Apple and Pepsi). BTW, the Misfit Shine started out as an Indiegogo project which garnered a lot of support. Now, this device has reached Singapore. FYI, this device is already selling in Singapore (Appcessory is the distributor) at S$170.


The event started with the introduction of Shine Activity Tracker.


John Sculley took the opportunity to talk to us about wearable tech devices and of course, on the Misfit Shine Activity Tracker too.


The final speaker is Christy. She is actually teaching us how to get the Shine out from the packaging and its basic usage.


Many people wanted to know the availability of the Android app (currently, it only support iOS device). According to them, it will be available from early next year.

When questioned on their future product plan, they mentioned they are focused on this Shine at the moment. They will not reveal more on other developments.

Another question is on the API for developers. They will take this into consideration. The presentation ended with everyone trying to understand how to use the device.

As the device is very small and has no buttons, it is challenging for first time user. Therefore, during the event, a few of us spent some time to document our “unboxing” experience.

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Here is the packaging


Yes, the little thing in the center is the Shine device. Here is a closer look of the packaging.


Underneath the device are a few accessories. There is NO cable as the device communicates via BlueTooth.


You can see a prying tool to open up the Shine, a clasp, a CR2032 battery, a rubber sports band. Here is some picture instruction on how to take out the Shine and insert the battery.


Actually, we can use something flat and sharp to open up the Shine.


Here is how it looks inside. It is very simple and neat.


Follow the “+” sign to insert the battery. According to them, the battery can last approximately 4 months. You can check the battery life via the app.


Once done, it should light up. Here is how you can wear/carry the Shine (Clasp on the right, Sports Band on the left)


This is how it looks when the Shine lights up.


Some different views of the device.




The 12 digit is a reference for reading the time using the LED lights.



As you can see, the Shine is very thin and the groove is actually used to secure the device to the accessories (like the clasp, sports band and etc).


Every information is via the LED lights. For example, the lights indicate the percentage of completion of your set goal (via the app) and it also tells the time.  As mentioned earlier, you need the app to “talk” to the device via BlueTooth. Basically, without the app, you will not be able to do anything with the device. Here is the look of the app. You can search for “Shine” or “Misfit Shine” on the Apple App Store.

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Click Here to Check out Misfit Wearable Shine App

Features of the app:

  • Sync: Just place Shine on the screen to sync
  • Activity Meter: Check up on your activity progress and see stats like steps, calories and distance
  • Intensity Graph: See your activity level over time and watch yourself improve
  • Highlights: See highlights of your days and weeks including activities, sleep, milestones and more

When John Sculley mentioned that there are thousands of laser pin holes that allows the LED lights to show in this device, I am quite impressed and skeptical because by using naked eyes, I could not see any of them. Therefore, I used a macro lens attached to my smartphone to take this picture.


Here is a close up of one of them.  These are really small holes. Impressive!


Here is a little video about Misfit Shine.

According to John Sculley, the small holes are to prevent water from going into the device. During the presentation, we were told there are other accessories. These are the leather bands.


Finally, if you are interested, here is a comparison chart of the Misfit Shine with a few similar products (fitbit Flex, fitbit One, Nike Fuelband, Jawbone UP).


Click Here to Misfit Wearable Shine Activity Monitor