Cameo app allows you to create short films on your phone (video)

Cameo is a new video app for iOS devices. It is something like Vine or Viddy but better. You can take short clips of 6 secs each, combine them, give it a theme (like adding filters), some music and create a short film out of it.


I tried out the app just to see how good it is. I like it a lot. Initially, I had some issues uploading the video for the app to process (on my lower end 3G line). Once I switched to 4G on WiFi, I have no problem with it.

Check out this super short video I made.

The only “issue” I see from this app is that it will need you to connect to the cloud to process the video. As such, it may take out some of your data. Other than that, I like the app for its simplicity and the ability to arrange the clip, change the theme or music. It is only available on iOS.

Click Here to Check Out Cameo App for iOS

or watch this short video on how to use the app.