22nd Oct is hot date for Nokia and Apple? (video)

Seems like 22nd October is hot date for some brands. Nokia has been talking about their Nokia World event on 22nd Oct in Abu Dhabi. In fact, they released a video of people parachuting down with a Lumia 1020. At the same time, there are more noise recently that Apple is going to hold an event on the same date to announce new tablets (iPad) and possibly some refreshes on the laptop range.


For Nokia, they might be showcasing the 6-inch phablet that has been leaked. They might also be announcing a new Windows RT tablet (Nokia Lumia 2520) and some other phones.

Here is a video about the up and coming event.

The Nokia tablet could look like this.


or like this.


BTW, this 22nd October is also the date that Microsoft is going to release the Microsoft Surface tablets. Not sure why Apple chooses this date (actually date is not confirmed) but it will make a disruptive impact to Microsoft’s plan.apple-oct-22-ipad-red

Actually, from the source, the news of Apple’s event is as early as 11th September. Check this out. In this event, Apple might announce the new iPad (or iPad 6) and iPad mini with retina display. BTW, Apple has not sent out the invites.

So, are you excited over the Nokia and Apple event?