Surface Pro 2 hardware has lower specs than Surface 2

For those who have been waiting for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 to be available from 21st October, do note some specs differences differences between the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2.


Majority of the Surface Pro 2 (future) owners might think that their tablet will be superior than Surface 2 because it is running on a full OS (Windows 8.1 Pro). However, if you dig further, you will notice something that doesn’t make sense (at least to me).

Why did Microsoft use a lower specs front and rear camera (HD Cameras on Surface Pro 2 as compared to 5 MPX on rear, 3.5 MPX on front of Surface 2) on a more expensive device. And that is not all, the Surface Pro 2 has ONLY one mic as compared to 2 mics on the Surface 2. The dual mic is important as it usually helps in the noise cancellation.

So, if you are thinking of using the Surface Pro 2 to take pictures or video, think again.

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