Samsung shows off Gold GALAXY S4 in pink and brown flavors

Call it coincidence or call it a trend, Samsung is showing off its Gold Samsung GALAXY S4. It will come in Gold Pink and Gold Brown. But before you start queuing up for them, I have to let you know that it will only be available in the Gulf states.


The Verge reported that they are available in United Arab Emirates social media outlets and there might NOT be a global distribution. I am sure critics are already saying that Samsung is a copycat because this comes after the iPhone 5s launch that has a gold color option. In fact, if you have read my post, you will also know that HTC might be planning a gold edition too.

However, I believe to get a gold edition phone to the market 2 weeks after iPhone 5s launch is not a realistic timeline. Therefore, I suspect that they might have been absorbing all the rumors and preparing for such a device. What do you think? Will you want a gold phone?


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