Sony Introduces the World’s First Backup SD Card (video)

If you are paranoid about your data, and you want to constantly back them up, Sony might have a solution for you. Check out this Sony Backup SD Card. With simple setup, you can rest your mind at ease as it does it work to back up your data.


However, your PC must come with a SD card slot for a start. It uses the SD Card slot constantly to backup in real time. You can setup which folders to backup, and you can even encrypt it. Here is a video to show you how it works.

Sony is providing a special 30-day trial for interested users to use SD cards from other manufacturers with its proprietary “Real-time Backup Utility” software to also make backup copies of data in your PC to your SD Card. After the 30-day period, the software will only work with the Backup SD card from Sony. The software can be downloaded via this website:

The Backup SD Card, available from 16GB, 32GB and to larger 64GB capacities, will be available in Singapore at all Sony stores from mid-September 2013. Check out the price in the Press Release.

Press Release

Sony Introduces the World’s First Backup SD Card

New and unique memory card dedicated for backing up of files on the PC,suitable for home and office use

  • Designed to automatically make real-time backup copies of files
  • Simple, easy setup
  • Encryption option is available for backup copies

(SINGAPORE, 16 AUGUST 2013) – Sony introduced to the world today the first-ever memory card that automatically performs real-time backup copies of files for Windows-based PCs and notebooks, ensuring a peace of mind for any important files that might go missing if the computer crashes.

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Memory cards have conventionally been used to record as well as save images and videos shot using any digital imaging devices before being transferred via the PC’s SD card slot. With the new Backup SD card from Sony, users now have an additional option to backup copies of your documents or folders in real time, whilst freeing up the USB port for other purposes. By keeping the Backup SD Card in the SD slot, any pre-designated files and folders are automatically updated on the card itself. In addition to a simple set-up, users can easily know the backup status (i.e. backup in progress/backup completed) with the marks indicated on the file icons. Backup files are also encrypted using Sony proprietary software that require a password to access.

“The SD card slot found on most notebooks and PCs these days are hardly used, except when transferring content recorded on digital cameras and camcorders. The new Backup SD Card from Sony not only gives users a new option of saving and storing any documents and file, but also the convenience of not having to carry an external hard drives or a flash drive with them when they travel,” said Takayuki Takemura, Deputy Director, Recording Media & Energy Division, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “The unique feature of the Backup SD Card is its capability to automatically detect pre-designated files on your desktop and update it in real-time, ensuring that the files you are carrying with you are the most recent versions.”

Sony has prepared a special 30-day trial for interested users who are keen to test out the functions of the Backup SD card. While the new “Real-time Backup Utility” software works only with the Backup SD card, this trial will allow SD Cards from other companies to be used with the software. It can be downloaded via this website

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The Backup SD Card, available from 16GB, 32GB and to larger 64GB capacities, will be available at all Sony stores from mid-September, at the recommended retail prices listed below:


Capacity Recommended Retail Price
16GB S$42.90
32GB S$69.90
64GB S$129.90

An informational video on the Backup SD Card can also be found at


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