Sony Portable Wireless Server is a battery charger, card reader/writer and storage

Sony today announced the Sony Portable Wireless Server. It is a device that has multiple features like battery charger, card read/writer and additional storage. The PWS WG-C10 will be available at all Sony Stores and Sony Centres in Singapore from 5th August 2013 onwards at a suggested retail price of S$129.00 including GST. Read on for the Press Release and specifications.


BTW, do note that it has only a SD card slot and Memory Stick Duo card slot and the output for the battery charger is just 1A. I was expecting it to have 2A.

Press Release

Sony’s Portable Wireless Server lets you Wirelessly View, Share and Store Content from your Smartphone

Ideal companion for those who rely on their smartphones heavily with its power charging capability

(SINGAPORE, 24th July 2013) – The new Portable Wireless Server (PWS) from Sony gives consumers new options for wirelessly viewing, sharing and storing content on the road or at home from their smartphones. The versatile device also serves as a battery charger, card reader/writer and additional storage, giving users added control when managing data such as photos, videos, music files and office documents.

“We’ve all experienced these scenarios: my smartphone’s memory is full, I can’t upload photos to Facebook from my camera, I lost my phone and all my data, or my smartphone is out of power,” said Takayuki Takemura, Deputy Director, Recording Media & Energy Division, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “With this wireless server, users have easy access to their data and added peace of mind. It’s an ideal companion for smartphone users.”

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With a wireless connection, users can transfer content to and from their smartphones via the PWS, and serves as an especially convenient option for consumers using smartphones that don’t have a memory card slot. The PWS is able to connect several devices via Wi-Fi at one time, allowing up to eight users to simultaneously share and playback same (or different) content.

The PWS also functions as a back-up power source for smartphones or digital cameras. Consumers can use the PWS for up to 10 hours of continuous MP3 playback. All controls are managed by the smartphone or tablet through the “PWS Manager” App (available at Google Play or App Store).

The Portable Wireless Server, model WG-C10, will be available at all Sony Stores and Sony Centres in Singapore from 5th August 2013 onwards at a suggested retail price of S$129.00 including GST.


Specifications Sheet


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