Nokia to announce Nokia Lumia 625 smartphone soon?

I guess I am answering my question now. In my previous post, I showed a picture that Nokia posted, teasing about something BIG coming soon. I thought it was a tablet. But after several sources posted, I am now convinced that Nokia will announce the Nokia Lumia 625.


Some people called it the low end phablet but I can hardly agree with them. First, it has just a 4.7-inch screen (which is small as compared to some Android phablets). Then, it has a Dual Core processor. For a Windows Phone to have Dual Core processor, it is already high speed. These are based on a leaked specs sheet as shown below.


Maybe the few things that shows it is not “high-end” is the camera (5 MPX camera), the memory (only 512Mb) and the screen resolution (800 x 480).

So, I am hoping that the price will be sweet for such a device. I suspect it is catered for the emerging market. Lets wait a while (I believe it will be today) that Nokia officially announces it.


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