Samsung announces GALAXY Mega in 2 sizes in Singapore

Samsung today announces Samsung GALAXY Mega in Singapore. As the name implies, the Samsung GALAXY Mega has a huge screen. And to cater for different needs, Samsung launches GALAXY Mega in two sizes (6.3-inches and 5.8-inches).

*device not to scale

Do note that the GALAXY Mega 6.3 has LTE and the GALAXY Mega 5.8 do not have LTE. Both comes in Black or White. The retail price and availability are as follows: –

GALAXY Mega 6.3 (Black and White): S$798 available from 8th June

GALAXY Mega 5.8 (Black and White):  S$598 available from 15th June

Here are the detailed specs; –

Samsung GALAXY Mega 6.3 Specifications


Samsung GALAXY Mega 5.8 Specifications

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Here is the Press Release

Press Release