Samsung GALAXY Note 1 finally updated to Jelly Bean

Finally, received the official notification for software update on my Samsung GALAXY Note 1. It has been a long wait for Samsung to release the official Android 4.1 update to Note 1.


I know many had already got hold of the Jelly Bean version via other means. For my case, I choose to wait for the notification and it finally arrives.

After the upgrade to Android Version 4.1.2, you will get what the GALAXY Note 2 gets (I think). One of my “complains” is that it resets the folders and apps layout. You will need to arrange again or create new folders. I have not explored enough to see any major differences (from Note 2) but I notice the phone is struggling (in terms of response) after the upgrade.

If you have not received this update notification, I suggest you plug in the phone to your computer and use Kies to check for update. Usually, it is faster that way. Good luck.


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