Redeem your Windows Upgrade promo code by 28th February 2013

Today is 28th February 2013, and it is your last chance to redeem the promo code for Windows Upgrade Offer (S$17.99). This applies to those who had bought their PC after the 2nd of June 2012.


Here is the reminder from Microsoft.

A gentle reminder for all Windows 7 PC users who have bought their devices after 2 June 2012 – you have till 28 February 2013 to register for the Windows Upgrade Offer here to receive a promo code via email.

Once you’ve registered for the Windows Upgrade Offer, you’ll need to use your promo code by February 28th as well. The promo code you received as part of registering for the Windows Upgrade Offer allows you to upgrade your Windows 7 PC to the Windows 8 Pro edition.

The promo code is applicable when you are asked to confirm your order via the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, and the promotional price of S$17.99 will be reflected at checkout.

So, hurry up, get the promo code and use it by 28th February 2013.

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    I wouldn’t upgrade even if you were to pay me S$17.99

    You are really doing a great dis-service to your readers