HTC Butterfly water resistant test in slow motion (Video)

After throwing the Sony Xperia Z into the water to prove that it is water resistant, I decided to do a similar test on HTC Butterfly. However, according to the specifications, it is only IPX-5 certified. That means I cannot dump it into the water.


So, I did a simple test by spraying water onto the HTC Butterfly. As you may know, when water touches the screen, it can activate the screen. During the test, the water streams actually turned on the airplane mode and before the end of the test, it turned off the airplane mode again. That is why towards the end of the video, you can see “Preparing SIM Card” on the HTC Butterfly. Here is the video.

I did the test twice and both time, it did not suffer any issues even though the 3.5mm jack is not covered. If you want to see some close up, check out this post that I did. Overall, it was fun doing this test and I can definitely say that the HTC Butterfly can brave any rain (but not for a long period of time).