HTC M7 image leaked with specs

You might have heard of HTC M7. It is supposedly to be the flagship model in 2013 for HTC. Touted to have a 4.7-inch screen, some information had been leaked but not a picture of it, until today.


As you can see, there is nothing that resembles a HTC that we know of. There is no logo or branding on it. It is too early to say if this will be the look of the final product. Nevertheless, since the rendered image is from part of a short animation clip instructing new owners on how to install SIM card, it might just be the real thing.

BTW, this is the front view and I presume the grille (holes) are speakers for the beats audio (from the leaked information, it has beats audio with amplifier and stereo speakers). Here are some speculated (or leaked) specs of the HTC M7.


And the latest leak indicate an IR Port near the power on/off button which I presume HTC wanted to make this smartphone a remote controller too.

I think HTC needed a really good flagship model this year to go against competitors like Huawei, ZTE, Samsung that have really impressive results.

(source via The Verge)