Google Street View Car did not kill that donkey

Over the 24 hours or so, there are speculation that Google Street View car might have killed a donkey in the Kweneng region of Botswana. Google reacted to the story by showing proof that the car did not run over any animal.


In actual Street View image, of course, you cannot see any Street View car. However, to prove their innocence, Google showed the actual images. In the first two images, it shows the Google Street View car in the forward position with an animal lying ahead of the car.


Then in the 3rd picture, it shows the donkey actually in the upright position walking in the same direction as the car.


And in the final and 4th picture, it shows the back of the car after passing the donkey.


There, you have it. Google Street View Car DID NOT kill the donkey. In fact, the donkey is very much alive. I guess it is just basking in the sun when the Google car approached. OK, lets get on with our life. Chapter closed.