Case Study on PA websites hacking incident

Just received information on the case where Singapore People’s Association (PA) website (and 15 of its affiliated websites) being hacked by the HighTech Brazil HackTeam. Based on the case study, it shows the vulnerabilities of the CMS used by the sites.


According to the case study, the HighTech Brazil HackTeam targeted various vulnerabilities in the following content management systems used by the websites.

  • Joomla 1.5>
  • Joomla 1.7
  • WordPress 3.1.3
  • WordPress 3.3.1

It seems that the scripts to exploit these websites can be found on forums. That means it does not require much skills to deploy them. There are other technical details which I am not able to fully understand. Please follow the link if you are interested.

Click Here to read  the Case Study on being hacked by HighTech Brazil HackTeam

Actually I am curious the intention of these Hacktivists. If they are capable of defacing websites, I believe they can use other means to promote their causes (legally, of course).


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