There is an app for each paper-thin and flexible PaperTab tablet (Video)

PaperTab tablet is as thin and flexible as paper. The idea about PaperTab tablet is that each tablet can has its own app while all of them are linked to one another in some way. Currently, it is using e-ink (monochrome) in the demonstration. The PaperTab is developed by Queen’s University in collaboration with Intel and Plastic Logic.


Photo credit: Plastic Logic

According to the description, it says: –

Using several PaperTabs makes it much easier to work with multiple documents,” says Roel Vertegaal, Director of Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab. “Within five to ten years, most computers, from ultra-notebooks to tablets, will look and feel just like these sheets of printed color paper.

Actually, I fail to understand the beauty about this prototype based on the demo in the video. For example, a simple email becomes a complicated task of using a few PaperTab tablets to type, attached and send. Hopefully, it is just a way to demonstrate that the tablets are interlinked.

And from the video, it seems that the PaperTab tablets are linked by cables to a processor/computer. I hope they are just prototypes and there will be no cable in actual product.

However, I have to compliment on their usage of gestures in the PaperTab. For example, you bend the PaperTab to go to next page. Bending a corner of the PaperTab will let you fast forward or reverse a video. Check out the video.

I really hope that in future, children go to school with only a full colored flexible and paper-thin tablet. All their textbooks and etc are stored into it. And computers will either be wearable or embedded somewhere into the clothing or body.

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