Twitter planning to release photo filters feature to rival Instagram? (Video)

Within a short span of a day, the Internet is buzzing with news of Twitter planning to release some killer photo filters during the holiday seasons to rival Instagram. The originator seems to come from AllThingD.

(photo edited to fit the post properly. Credit: Jack Dorsey)

The rumors started a month ago. However, it is only when pictures from Jack Dorsey surfaced, the rumors spread even faster. You see, Jack Dorsey is the chairman of Twitter. When he started posting pictures with interesting filters, people might want to know what apps he used.

From AllThingsD, they mentioned that “source familiar with the matter”, Twitter might be planning an update on their app to include photo filters before the end of the year. That could be anytime now.

And from TechCrunch, they are speculating that the photo filters might be something like the EyeEm. FYI, EyeEm is now supporting 3 OSes (Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.5).

This is EyeEm in action.

The only question now is that whether Twitter can pull people away from Instagram to use Twitter app instead.


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