Casio G-Shock can alert your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 (Video)

Good move from Casio. Casio latest G-Shock  GB6900AA has an internal Bluetooth 4.0 that allows the watch to communicate with iPhone. It will be able to alert user on SMS, email  or incoming calls.

Apart from that, it will alert user if they are out of range from the phone. There is also a button that the user can press to find the phone with sound (of course, must be within the Bluetooth range). It can automatically adjust the watch to the same time-zone as the phone. However, don’t expect to activate Siri with this watch (no microphone).

What is important is that with these functions, you still get 200 meters of water resistance and shock absorption. Battery life is around 2 years (based on 12 hours of Bluetooth syncing per day). It cost USD180 in the US.

Here is the video.

Sadly, there is no mention of support for Android phone. And if they can expand the functionality with support to some apps like this Kickstarter project, it will be perfect.