Indoor Maps Available for Nokia Maps in Singapore

For those with Nokia Lumia 820 or Lumia 920, here is a great news for you. There is indoor maps for major buildings (shopping areas) in Singapore. If you zoom in, you could see the layout and even select the floors. Super cool.

I know that the Nokia 820 and Nokia 920 are not launched yet. So, this information is for those who are potential owners of Nokia phone in the future.

Existing Nokia Lumia users, I have checked. The maps is still in version 2.5 while the new Lumia, the maps are version 3.0. So, there is no indoor (or Venue Maps) navigation (yet?) for the older generation of Lumia (Windows Phone 7.5).

Here is the screenshots of the version number and new features of the new Nokia Maps.

Here is a short video that I made on the new indoor map. Check out ION, Orchard 🙂 . BTW, just to clarify, there is NO navigation on this Venue Maps. It is for you to check out the location of the stores easily.

With this feature, there is another reason to buy a Nokia Lumia. Hopefully, they can improve on the maps details. Not as comprehensive as Google Maps and I miss having Vector maps.