Google to Launch New Alternate Reality Game Ingress (Video)

Google is launching a new game, Ingress. It is going to get physical. Players will have to complete tasks (like getting energy) in the real World and they can travel round the world in portals in the game. Sounds complex? I think so. Watch the video.

The best part about this game is that it is happening in real time. AllThingsD describes it aka World of Warcraft where everyone is playing the game at anytime.

The video talks about the Niantic Project and the implications. At this moment, it really makes no sense. Anyway, please read the post at AllThingsD about this game.

BTW, it is NOT on Google Play Store yet available now (Close Beta).  However, you can submit your email at for early notification. Click here to get the game on Google Play Store.

Click Here to Ingress Site


Read the Blog Post on Ingress


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