Microsoft Surface Survived Running over by Cars (Video)

When Microsoft says that the Microsoft Surface is a well-built device, many people (like me) take it for granted. Microsoft took pride in their VaporMG casing and even demonstrated drop test to many. However, non can match the real life case of this person who put the Surface on top of the car and drive off (of course unintentionally).

The next few minutes should be hell for him as many cars ran over the Microsoft Surface. Eventually, he picked up the tablet and to his surprise, it is functioning properly. On that Surface tablet, he tweeted to @surface:

@surface My Surface got ran over by a car going 60mph yesterday! I’m tweeting from it right now! INCREDIBLE build quality! #surface

TNW has some more details over the “ordeal”

Each car passed by with the tires on each side of the Surface until the very last car. The tire of the car ran completely over the Surface and next thing I saw was my brand new $700 tablet and touch cover flying through the air in separate directions! My heart jumped, and so did I! I jumped out of my car and ran across the street to first grab the tablet, then the Surface, and then my phone which of course fell out of my lap during all this. I jumped back in my car just before 60 mph traffic made its way to me!

So, this should be the best promotion for Microsoft on the Microsoft Surface 🙂

Some more pictures.

Here is the drop test video that I am talking about.

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